Hold the Briefcase

Grab a briefcase, fend off enemies, and climb the scoreboard. This gameplay offers several different scoring modes, such as holding a briefcase for the longest time, getting kills while holding a briefcase, and a mix of the two.

Download and Installation

To install, start by downloading and extracting the zip file. Drag and drop the contents of “gesource” into your GoldenEye: Source folder. Override any file conflicts if prompted. Once installed, you can select Hold the Briefcase from the “Create Server” menu or through the developer console by using the command “ge_gameplay HoldTheBriefcase”.


Once the round begins, one or more briefcases will spawn around the map. Unlike The Living Daylights, you can still use other weapons while holding a briefcase. Depending on the scoring mode, you earn points by scoring kills, scoring kills while holding the briefcase, or holding the briefcase without dying.

Game Options

Tweakable Game Options

  • hb_warmup (default 20) is the warmup time in seconds (Use 0 to disable warmup).
  • hb_scoring (default 0) sets the scoring mode. Set to 0 to use briefcase hold duration, 1 to use kills while holding briefcase.
  • hb_normal_points (default 1) sets whether to give a point or a bit of time if a player not holding a briefcase scores a kill.
  • hb_cases_override (default 0) sets number of cases to spawn. Set to 0 to use default amount. Max 10.

Game Events for Plugins

  • hb_startwarmup emits when warmup begins.
  • hb_casepicked emits with the player that picks up a case.
  • hb_casedropped emits with the player that drops a case.



Update History

September 27, 2020

  • Updated help text and game mode URL
  • Changed behavior of “!version” command to display for all players

June 2, 2019

  • A complete ground-up rework of the gameplay
  • Added more options for scoring, such as using a time-based scoring method
  • Fixed a glitch where changing the gameplay without hard resetting the round would result in custom HUD elements staying on the screen

September 23, 2016

  • Hold the Briefcase initial release