I Am Invincible!

Nobody screws with Boris Grishenko! Boris is invincible, and it’s him versus everyone else.

Download and Installation

To install, start by downloading and extracting the zip file. Drag and drop the contents of “gesource” into your GoldenEye: Source folder. Override any file conflicts if prompted. Once installed, you can select True Colors from the “Create Server” menu or through the developer console by using the command “ge_gameplay IAmInvincible”.

Add the following files to your server’s download list:



Each round, one random player is selected as Boris. Boris is invincible and everyone gangs up on him. MI6 players gain points by damaging Boris. Boris gains a point per kill. Boris’s slaps one-shot kill and grant a temporary speed boost.

Game Options

Tweakable Game Options

  • iami_warmup (default 20) is the warmup time in seconds (Use 0 to disable warmup).

Game Events for Plugins

  • iami_startwarmup emits when warmup begins.
  • iami_boris_suicide emits with the current Boris player when they kill themselves or are killed by the environment.
  • iami_boris_slap_kill emits with the current Boris player when they get a slapper kill.
  • iami_damage_point emits with a player when they deal enough damage to Boris to receive a point.
  • iami_new_boris emits with the player chosen as Boris.
  • iami_killed_by_boris emits with a player killed by Boris.
  • iami_boris_kills emits with the current Boris when they kill another player.



Update History

November 7, 2020

  • I Am Invincible! initially released