Live and Let Die

Face off against Baron Samedi and his voodoo magic. Only the legendary golden gun can kill him for good.

The original Live and Let Die gameplay was created many years ago by VC. This is a minor revision that updates the gameplay to work with the latest GoldenEye: Source release.

Download and Installation

To install, start by downloading and extracting the zip file. Drag and drop the contents of “gesource” into your GoldenEye: Source folder. Override any file conflicts if prompted. Once installed, you can select Live and Let Die from the “Create Server” menu or through the developer console by using the command “ge_gameplay LiveAndLetDie”.


A player is randomly selected to be the Baron every round. As the Baron, you have to eliminate all players. You get three uses of your voodoo powers, which teleport you to another place on the map and level you up. Watch out for the players with the golden gun! As a player, you get the golden gun and try to kill the Baron before he kills you.

Note: This gameplay is recommended only for advanced players. The mode works best with small numbers of players. You probably shouldn’t host it on public servers with high players limits.

Game Options

Tweakable Game Options

  • lald_bloodlust (default 1) enables Baron Samedi to recover voodoo through use of his knife.

Game Events for Plugins

  • lald_roundend emits when the round ends with the name of the Baron and, if applicable, the name of the player that killed him with the golden gun.
  • lald_eliminated emits when a player is eliminated from the match, either by the Baron or by suicide.
  • lald_ggpickup emits with the player that picks up the golden gun.


Update History

June 1, 2019

  • Updated original mode to work with the latest version of GoldenEye: Source