MI6 and Janus fight for control of key military satellites. Capture and control Uplinks while preventing your opponents from doing the same!

Download and Installation

To install, start by downloading and extracting the Uplink.zip file. Drag and drop the contents of “gesource” into your GoldenEye: Source folder (usually located at Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\SourceMods\gesource). Override any file conflicts if prompted. Once installed, you can select Uplink from the “Create Server” menu or through the developer console by using the command “ge_gameplay Uplink”.


Once the round begins, a number of Uplinks appear around the map. Uplinks are marked by circles on the radar and colored glowing rings and flags. When a player enters an Uplink, a capture initiates. The more friendly players on the Uplink, the faster it captures. Enemy players can block the capture by entering the Uplink. Once the capture completes, the Uplink changes to the capturing team’s control and generates a point for the team every few seconds. In free-for-all mode, capturing an Uplink provides the player points, a small amount of health or armor and causes the Uplink to shift to a new location.

Team Scoring:
Points are generated over time for each Uplink Point owned by the team.

Player Scoring:
1 Point per kill
2 Points for completing an Uplink (3 points in free-for-all mode)

Game Options

Tweakable Game Options:

  • up_warmup (default 20) is the warm up time in seconds (Use 0 to disable warmup).
  • up_points_override (default 0) sets the number of Uplinks to spawn to a maximum of 15. Set to 0 to use default amount. Takes effect on round end.

Game Events for Plugins:

  • up_startwarmup emits when warmup begins.
  • up_capture_team emits with the team that captures any Uplink Point.
  • up_capture_neutral emits with the player that captures a neutral Uplink Point.
  • up_capture_steal emits with the player that captures an enemy Uplink Point.
  • up_capture_solo emits with the player that captures an Uplink Point in free-for-all mode.


Update History

June 2, 2019, Update:
Fixed glitch where custom HUD elements would stay on the screen if the gameplay was switched without hard resetting the round
Tweaked rewards for completing Uplinks during free-for-all mode (players now get 3 points instead of 2 and 0.25 armor/health instead of 0.2)

August 12, 2016, Update:
Updated code to GE:S 5.0
Added a free-for-all mode. Capture Uplinks on your own!
Fixed glitch where the game wouldn’t recognize entering an Uplink if it spawned on top of the player
Improved automatically creating new Uplinks when more players join the game
Improved Uplink visuals
Scores at the top of the screen show the round score rather than the number of controlled Uplinks
Made some efforts to avoid Uplinks spawning too close to one another
Updated text, cleaned code and much, much, much more

November 20, 2013, Update:
Made objective icons more transparent
Fixed objective icons not flashing when contested
Fixed Uplinks spawning too close together
Increased distance from an Uplink where objective icon fades away
Changed objective icons to show percentage of Uplink completed when contested
Added message when Uplink is blocked
Added sound notice when Uplink is blocked
Changed divider when all Uplinks are owned to “:” from “-”
Fixed error message from warmup timer
Added intense light pulse on Uplink completion
Cleaned up code
Improved hints, descriptions and other text; Changed “Uplink Point” to “Uplink”
Increased time to make an Uplink
Increased amount of time required for an Uplink to generate a point for its owner
Increased Uplink size
Added ability to check version number by typing “!version” into chat

November 6, 2012, Update:
Removed “Uplink Error” message due to occasional glitch where it wouldn’t go away
Fixed issue with player suicides that carried over from the official modes (Big thanks to Troy for notifying me of this)

June 29, 2013, Update:
Updated code to 4.2.3 styling
Changed the way the numbers at the top of the screen are displayed to make them look more centered
The glowing ring around Uplink Points are now slightly elevated to avoid clipping with the ground
As of 4.2.3, the size of an Uplink Point the game recognizes you in is much smaller than it should be. This seems to be a game glitch and not a code one, so will need a fix.

September 4, 2012, Update:
Major re-haul of Uplink’s performance, visuals and gameplay. Rewritten from scratch!

June 26, 2011, Update:

Uplink initially released